Recent News

September 2017

Busy summer! Passed my qualifying exam, submitted two papers to PacificVis, submitted a paper about perception to TVCG, and have managed several undergraduate summer students in VIDi. Plus, I was just selected for my first program committee.

July 2017

I traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, to present a paper that I am second author on, titled Navigable Videos for Presenting Scientific Data on Affordable Head-Mounted Displays. This paper introduces a system for creating high-quality volume visualizations and converting them into a network of video streams that can interactively be navigated and played through on low-cost HMDs like Google Cardboard. This paper was accepted to this year's ACM Multimedia Systems conference (MMSys'17).

April 2017

I'm teaching ECS 163 (Information Interfaces) for the Spring 2017 quarter. Class site here.

Also, UC Davis was the #2 ranked institution for visualization research for last year (link). Pretty cool!

February 2017

My entry for PacificVis's storytelling contest was accepted (link). It's a temporal summary image that tells the "story" of the 2016 presidential election night, i.e, how many news outlets (and social media discussion) went from strongly predicting an easy Clinton win to surprise at seeing Trump's upset.

January 2017

I'm second author on a paper accepted at this year's PacificVis conference called Privacy Preserving Visualization for Social Network Data with Ontology Information. This project uses syntactic models to identify privacy leaks in ontological social networks, and what sorts of topological graph modifications and recommendation systems can be applied to resolve these leaks.

I'm also going to be the teaching assistant for ECS 163 class (Info Vis class) for the upcoming quarter. Second time to do this!

August 2016

My InfoVis and SciVis submissions to IEEE Vis 2016 were accepted! Temporal Summary Images is an approach for summarizing a multivariate dataset with an emphasis on auto-generated, data-driven annotations and recommendations for selecting small multiples for a temporal dataset. Synteny Explorer is an educational application for showing the chromosomal rearrangements that occur during genome evolution.

June 2016

I'll be spending this summer doing an internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA with the Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) group. My work has to do with visualizing machine learning models to improving parameter and environment setups for extreme-scale simulations.

January 2017

I'll be serving as the teaching assistant for ECS 163 (undergraduate InfoVis class) at Davis during the winter quarter this year (January-March).

August 2015

I've spent the summer with the DSSS group at Los Alamos National Laboratory (in Los Alamos, NM) working on setting up a web interface for the Coyote Universe emulator, which predicts the matter power spectrum (distribution of density) in the universe.

June 2015

My paper titled Integrating Predictive Analytics into a Spatiotemporal Epidemic Simulation to was accepted to this year's IEEE VIS conference in the VAST tract. It built on my short paper from last year's Predictive Analytics workshop, a fully-fledged system for simulation model building and validation.

July 2014

My short paper titled Integrating Predictive Visualization with the Epidemic Disease Simulation System was accepted and will be presented at the Workshop on Visualization for Predictive Analytics during this year's IEEE Vis conference (link).

A paper that I am a co-author on was accepted and presented at this year's SummerSim conference: Towards a hybrid agent-based model for mosquito borne disease. I helped with the visualization and visual analytics aspects.

June 2014

Finally got this personal site up and running...

And I got married! That's big news, right?