The output from leading-edge scientific simulations is so voluminous and complex that advanced visualization techniques are necessary to interpret the calculated results. Even though visualization technology has progressed significantly in recent years, we are barely capable of exploiting petascale data to its full extent, and exascale datasets are on the horizon. This workshop aims at addressing this pressing issue by fostering communication between visualization researchers and the users of visualization. Attendees will be introduced to the latest and greatest research innovations in large data visualization, and also learn how these innovations impact scientific supercomputing and discovery process.

Workshop Chairs

Technical Program

09:00am - 09:10am
  • Opening
    Kwan-Liu Ma, University of California, Davis, USA
  • 09:10am - 09:35am
    A Comparison of In Situ Data Extraction versus Full Data Co-visualization at Full Machine Scale from a live Unstructured Grid CFD Simulation
    Michel Rasquin, University of Colorado, USA
    09:35am - 10:00am
    Visualization Challenges for Large Scale Astrophysical Simulation Data
    Ralf Kaehler, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA

    10:00am - 10:30am
    Coffee Break
    10:30am - 11:00am
    ADIOS: An I/O framework for exascale platforms
    Scott Klasky, Oak Ridage National Laboratory, USA
    11:00am - 11:30am
    PISTON: A Portable Cross-Platform Framework for Data-Parallel Visualization Operators
    Christopher Sewell, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
    11:30am - 12:00pm
    Visual Analysis of Lagrangian Particle Data from Combustion Simulations
    Hongfeng Yu, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
    12:00pm - 01:30pm
    01:30pm - 02:00pm
    Interactive Interface Design for Scalable Large Multivariate Volume Visualization
    Xiaoru Yuan, Peking University, China
    02:00pm - 02:30pm
    Massively Parallel Ray Tracing
    Masahiro Fujita, Light Transport Entertainment Inc., Japan
    02:30pm - 03:00pm
    Supporting SQL Subsetting over POP NetCDF Datasets in ParaView
    Jon Woodring, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
    03:00pm - 03:30pm
    Coffee Break
    03:30pm - 04:00pm
    In Situ Vis via VisIt
    Brad Whitlock, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    04:00pm - 04:30pm
    A Framework for Particle Advection For Very Large Data
    Hank Childs, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
    04:30pm - 05:00pm
    Scalable Visualization and Analysis for Atomistic Materials Science
    Aaron Knoll, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
    05:00pm - 05:30pm
    Flexible In Situ with ParaView
    Kenneth Moreland, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
    Discussion and Closing
    Mike Papka, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

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